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We are a dental office that specializes in endodontic (root canal) therapy and are here to serve you, our patients, and the community of dentists and dental specialists in San Diego. We strive daily to achieve and exceed excellence in the quality of our care. Please explore this site to learn more about our office and about our services. Please contact us via email or phone if you have been referred to our office. We can better assist you with what to expect on your first visit and provide you access to our online patient forms that can be reviewed in advance of your scheduled appointment.

About Dr. Thomas Acierno

Dr. Thomas Acierno is recognized as one of the best endodontists in San Diego, California. When a patient has throbbing pain from a tooth due to severe decay or infection, a common procedure to help relieve from pain and preserve their smile and bite is a root canal treatment. His meticulous approach, experience and expert techniques enable him to save teeth in a relatively painless manner. Dr. Thomas Acierno was born in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Creighton University in 1977 with Bachelor in Science degree with major in Biology. He completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS) with honors in Endodontics in 1985 from the same University, during which he was also awarded with American Association of Endodontics Merit Award. Dr. Acierno had a private dental office in Orange County, CA before pursuing futher education in the field of Endodontics.

He acquired his certificate in Endodontics from University of Connecticut and currently practices endodontics for over 32 years in San Diego, CA where he resides with his wife, 3 children and dog named Sandy. While not practicing his skillset in the office, he’s either spending time with his family or enjoying Barbeque with his friends.


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