Welcome to San Diego, Endodontics

Our mission is to provide welcoming, family – friendly, outstanding endodontic care to our patients in San Diego, California. In our comfortable state-of-the-art facility we offer high quality service backed by proven scientific techniques. Dr. Thomas Acierno has been named as Top Endodontist in the San Diego area.

Who is an Endodontist

Endodontist are trained to preserve natural tooth having extensive decay involving the pulp or fracture that leads to pulp leading to pain or a previously treated unsuccessful root canal.  An Endodontist is a dentist with two to three additional years of training specifically focused on diagnosing and treating problems involving the pulpal and periapical structure of the tooth. Endodontists can treat a tooth both surgical and nonsurgical ultimately leading to preserving the tooth structure and maintaining esthetics and masticatory efficiency. Endodontists are trained to help diagnose oral-facial pain that are difficult to diagnose by a general dentist.

Endodontists can help with

Oro-Facial Pain
Deep Decay involving pulp
cracked teeth or fractured teeth,
traumatic dental injuries,

Re-treatment of prior unsuccessful root canals.
Broken Instruments inside tooth
Calcified teeth or canals
Missed canals within teeth

Oral Sedation during endodontic treatment